Magical Maldives

Maldives is ranked among the top ten best islands to visit in the world and from what I hear, it’s picture perfect. The views are spectacular, the people are warm and friendly and even the fish swim with a smile. A lovely lady called Mosh, who is a great family friend recently visited and we couldn’t wait for her to tell us how it was, so here is her story.

How was Maldives?

It was perfect. Any other words wouldn’t describe it enough. The atmosphere is so refreshing, the sun perfectly warm and you could smell the ocean as the waves gently slapped the shores.

From the moment we got there it was pure bliss. We arrived around mid-morning and were lead to our hotel where we were welcomed with so much kindness. We got into our room, unpacked then began to explore, we couldn’t wait.

Food and culture?

Their meals are exquisite, mostly sea food with a variety of spices. I was sure to carry some spices back home just to try out the recipes. Tropical fruits were available in plenty- the sweetest, juiciest oranges I’ve ever tasted.

Maldivians have such a rich and vast culture which they have borrowed from different communities. This includes their entertainment style, their language and food too. Occasionally, in the evenings the hotel would have us experience a feel of this through some entertaining traditional songs and dances by their young men and women.


Who would miss out on such great sports! We tried out almost all the activities that were available- deep sea diving, snorkeling, swimming and occasionally we could see several sea creatures through the clear waters. In the deep blues, there were dolphins showing off, jumping in and out of the water, they enjoyed the attention as we cheered them on.

The icing of it all was the sail; we got into a gigantic luxurious Cruise and joined the group for a small tour around it, after which were priviledged to have dinner prepared by some of the top chefs in Asia.

Where did you stay?

Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives


How much do I need to save up if I wanted to go there?

To be on the safe side, Kes 150,000. That’s for a week’s accommodation in a good hotel plus your return flight. This would also be enough to do a bit of shopping for yourself. You could find a variety of packages online which would guide you to a suitable pick for you. Just for the record, you are better off traveling to Maldives as a group or with your better half.

Where will you be travelling to next?

Thailand, in a few weeks’ time for my birthday. I can’t wait!

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